At this time in 2017, there are five European nations whose debts are larger than their economic output and another 21 whose debts surpass 60% of their own GDP. With such economies as Italy, Portugal, Greece, The United States and others virtually bankrupt, it's time to act!

Given the overall worldwide financial instability presently affecting most all countries, it has now become critical for investor, novice or, in fact, any individual concerned about their own future security to take immediate steps to review and evaluate both their current financial health as well as ALL future propects.

The portents are there for all to see!

When governments fail and bank accounts are seized as a result of inflation; once again you find those historical legends told of stacked bundles of devalued fiat currency again becoming All-Too-Real and All-Too-Late! There is a very sizeable percentage of the population who simply don't have savings or secure, recession proof incomes and aside from a lottery win, for most, there is little hope that matters will change soon.

But the old adage of "Dollar Cost Averaging" also applies to savings as well as investing.

As you will read in our page GOLD's return, we are strong believers in both the value and the saving of GOLD for both security and a hedge against unforeseen future issues.

"BUY The Gram" would and should be a new mantra that allows each of us, if at all possible, to  set aside a weekly portion/gram of any income that its possible to save. This, in turn, will allow us  some measure of protection.







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